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Nowadays the number sources for jobs on the internet has considerably increased and the process of finding them has become more time consuming and complicated. Job seekers have to visit multiple web sites, and manage multiple accounts and registrations. We’ve compiled the list of the Web sites that will be of great interest for both the unemployed and for those who are willing to make a change or looking for the better conditions. – a job board for programmers and designers. The site has only 100 jobs posted at the Job Board at any one time. That means your job won’t get lost in the shuffle like it does at other job sites. – an interactive career network for college students and young alumni seeking jobs, internships, and other career opportunities. Recruiters can post jobs and find quality candidates quickly!

Amiko – Amiko is the new resumé. More and more companies are using online job postings to find employees. Printing and mailing resumés can cost and arm and a leg. If you post your resumé on a job site, it only works for that site. Amiko allows you to span the job sites, from Monster to Craigslist, just post a link to your Amiko resumé and that’s it. – a job board for designers and developers and the companies seeking to hire them. – a convenient job search engine for India. You can search by keywords, location, or browse by industry. – A site for personal instructors in sports and music to find students. – a site where you can find a babysitting, nanny, child care, tutoring, pet care and senior care jobs. – You can distribute your resume and get more interviews! A free career test will help you to understand what career is right for you. Try a free salary calculator. – a job search site that helps automatically filter the hundreds of companies and thousand of new jobs added daily. You can create a profile that that showcases what companies are looking for. – Part time, freelance, and contract job offerings for creative types. – It finds you the best Programmers and Designers with over 500,000 page views through a unique network of partner blogs and community sites.You can post your ad with Considerati and get the right selection of people for your job: reach the brightest programmers and designers in the places that they visit daily. – for those who want to find a seasonal job or career in some of the greatest places on Earth. Get a summer job in Yellowstone, Yosemite, or another national park. Find a summer job as a camp counselor. Ski resorts, ranches, theme parks, tour companies and more are waiting for you. – focuses solely on creative employment. The audience is large and qualified. Your job gets better response. Job postings go online immediately and stay online for 90 days. – Lets you search for jobs in a confidential manner. – Post yourself, list any specialized skills you could bring to a job. – Focus on freelance work related to graphics, web design, and content creation. – a search engine that specializes in just one thing: finding new job announcements at employers across Canada. – It helps to create online quality resume. – offers two services to find a lawyer for your legal issue. It is a legal Web site, providing the most comprehensive set of legal resources on the Internet for legal professionals, corporate counsel, law students, businesses, and consumers. These resources include Web search utilities, cases and codes, legal news, an online career center, and community-oriented tools, such as a secure document management utility, e-mail newsletters, and message boards.

FreshWebJobs – is a job board with a declared goal of bringing together companies and professionals who take interests in latest web technologies, web standards and web design trends. – A company that is seeking for freelance programmers, interpreters and graphic designers, Web Designers and Copywriters. They can find thousands of successfully outsourced projects. – a job board where you can post your video. – a career network & job search engine that connects professionals with opportunities. It offers one search access to jobs from all major portals, classified sites, agencies, and company websites. – job site is a Showcase for the search and fact extraction technology which is generic in nature and can be applied to many different verticals (jobs, travel, business profile). – a job board for freelancers. You can subscribe free of charge and get a free course’The Secrets of Work at Home Success’, a free eBook: ‘Start Freelancing for Profit Today’, freelance job reports, and many other benfits. – The site is meant especially for the young adults (specifically college students) who are having troubles with finding jobs worth their time and that fit their schedule. This site is also for the homeowners who are trying to find affordable help for a variety of household services. – It enables candidates to find internships and jobs abroad. As a social network, iHipo offers the ideal opportunity to build an international career network (e.g. with other expatriates) and join country-based communities. – 100% Free for Nannies Seeking Jobs and Parents Seeking Nannies

Indeed – a search engine for jobs with a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages . – is all about providing the individual job seeker with an inter-connected set of tools to help organize your current job search. – a great way to earn additional revenue from your existing website and provide valuable content for your users. – an online bazaar for every kind of job. Not necessarily occupations. You can quickly find someone doing something for you. With Jobazaar you can easily manage jobs postings. Looking for a job and offering a job is free of charge. Here you can find jobs everywhere in the United States. – is all about company personality matching, job seeker profiles, company profiles, and a world class network of affiliates. It is focusing mainly on technical jobs. – a guide to the online world of careers and jobs. It is designed to help job seekers, employers, staffing & recruiting professionals find the most targeted Job Boards for their professions and positions and share their experiences with others. – Is dedicated mainly to the Midwest. focuses on employment, it offers online education, tests, and other opportunities. – Jobfox is helping people with their careers. It knows how to match people and jobs and
helps candidates showcase their unique skills and experiences so that employers will pursue candidates who are a great fit for their company and jobs. – a Web 2.0 service which aggregates job ads from UK entities. It is also a job referral system for Job Seekers and UK companies.

Jobpile – It aggregates the best job boards on the web and let you search them all at once. – is connecting the best talent on the planet to the best opportunities available, while generously supporting the community in the process. The site is meant mainly for the developers and designers. – an on-line job site and search engine that connects people with great jobs accross the country from the major employment of websites. Job seekers can access not only freely millions of employments opportunities, but have a chance to win prizes like an IPod, movie tickets, cash and much more. – the online career network for the digital generation. It is designed for job seekers to connect with people, information, and opportunities to further their careers. Jobster connects employers with valuable audiences. Thousands of employers rely on Jobster to connect with valuable audiences of active and passive candidates through a range of services for employers and recruiting teams of all sizes. Employers count on Jobster to help them promote their jobs, search for candidates, and build talent networks. – Is intended for talented creative and tech candidates. – the social network for the unemployed. You can blog, chat, share ideas, and find support. The site offers articles, searches, job fairs and event listings. – It conveniently connects you with as many quality job opportunities as possible. LinkUp delivers real jobs from real companies, assuring all jobs are current and available. – the job listings are viewed on a Google map, so that you can see what job opportunities are available in your area. – One of the best known job search engines. It offers jobs all over the world. Whether you’re thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction… Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you. – collects jobs from job boards, corporate websites, groups etc. Odin is collecting over 20,000 jobs from 1000 of sources every day. Odin features a matching technology that sifts through all the jobs and selects the right ones based on your qualification, experience and preference. – Is intended for both employers and job seekers, searchable by jobs and regions. – a website that enables you to rate companies related to your job experience and allows job seekers to get the inside scoop on any company. You can also read reviews of employers written by people with experience in the same company. – Is solely designed for foreign languages. The site became the place where people interested in foreign languages can gather, meet, and share their experiences. You can find people to practice foreign languages, language teachers or students. – Professional networking site for Canada. Use this site share information with like minded professionals, promote your business, get connected with the potential employees. – is a Hong Kong based company that operates an international network of trilingual job search engines. It provides job seekers with free and instant access to millions of jobs from thousands of companies via one simple search. – Create a resume in the hResume microformat and publish it on Resolio to get the best job offers. – With this site you can discover the true value of your job skills. compare it to what others report. – A job board that is focusing on teachers, and schools looking for them. It is a directory of web sites and services for teachers and students online. – Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor. – the largest online database of jobs on the planet. It makes the process of job searching a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey. – the world’s most comprehensive talent search engine and artist directory. It is designed for those who are serious about promoting their talents and ability. The database is intended to serve a professional purpose. – a global online learning market place of Tutors and Students. TalkBean allows tutors to easily post lessons on and earn tuition fees by tutoring students from around the world via the Internet. – Tutors list your profiles and let students find you. – a smart and easy way to find, rate and review tutors. Tutorz facilitates a communication network between student/parents and tried and trusted tutors nation wide. It searches the web, maintaining the largest search of tutors on the Internet, currently we boast a database of over 10,000 tutors across the nation. – Web Pro Jobs is a job board for web professionals (designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers) and the companies looking to work with them. – Here you can find the right job through networking and personal relationship. WhoToTalkTo is the first job referral exchange. It brings job seekers together so everyone can share and exchange the inside scoop. All you have to do is contribute a referral you know of, and then you get to search the referrals posted by everybody else. – Here you can teach and learn live in state-of-the-art virtual classroom which are equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording capabilities. You can create virtual communities and share educational content with other members. – a job search portal .The most complete and up-to-date job search tool for the online job seeker. It helps thousands of smart job seekers daily find more jobs and much faster.

Yahoo HotJobs – Jobs board owned by one of the largest web companies. You can create a knockout resume, find tips on how to prepare to the interview, what to wear and how to handle tough questions, calculate and find out how to negotiate your ideal salary and many more. – combines professional networking, a public job board, and a network of career groups based on companies, schools and professions. It helps professionals get hired for the best job opportunities. – is a community of professional women who balance their work and life with flexibility and creativity. Whether you’re onramping, offramping, or just managing the day-to-day at home or at work, YourOnRamp provides the networks, resources, and job opportunities to succeed. – Based in the UK, a unique job referral site which can benefit. You can earn good money by recommending friends for jobs. If you need to fill a job vacancy, Zubka helps you find the perfect person – in a simpler, cheaper, more hassle free way than the usual recruitment routes.


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