Sony Ericsson PXi Concept Phone


Independent concept designer Bence Bogar  came up with his own Sony Ericsson concept device. PXi is powerful while remaining slim and ergonomic. The body sports a magnesium body framing a big 3.3 inch touchscreen similar to the iPhone. The screen rotates automatically. On the right is a jogdial and secondary touchscreen that adapts to whatever app that is currently open. There are two memory card slots for those who think 8GB isn’t enough. In addition, this concept PXi is equipped with stereo speakers and a 5 megapixel Cybershot camera.



LG Touch Concept Phone Design

lg touch

The design of the LG Touch represents a mixture of different technologies into one piece of gear. It combines Prada’s outlook, touchscreen capabilities borrowed of Apple iPhone’s, and dockable base of Palm Foleo which not only lets you sync and charge, but displays a virtual keyboard for data entry.
There’s even dual LCD displays on the edges and neon green connectors for the remotes and headsets. All in all, it’s a very pretty concept, but definitely unlikely to be made any time soon.

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WordPress Plugins and Tutorials | Developer Toolbox

It is indisputable that WordPress remains the most popular weblog engine. People prefer it for its simplicity and flexibility. You can find thousands of plugins, themes, tutorials and related articles which are intended to optimize WordPress for your needs. Here is a list of plugins, tools and tutorials that may be helpful in developing web-sites upon WordPress.

WordPress Themes – excellent collection of Free WordPress Themes updated regularly.

WordPress Functional Plugins

AdSense and YPN ads:

AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed.

Playing Music:

  • Audioplayer allows you to insert mp3 audio files into your posts and pages. Audio Player can also play a sequence of audio clips.
  • MP3 Player makes any mp3 links (in post or page or any other location in your blog) playable directly on your webpage. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag and post the mp3 link to This script is extremely lightweight, as is the flash movie that plays on demand. Must-have for podcasters or anyone who wants to allow blog visitors to play mp3 files on the website itself.
  • XSFP Player is a tiny plugin to allow WordPress pages to have background MP3 music embedding this player.

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Keyboard Shortcuts For Popular Software and Services

Mozilla Firefox Hotkeys

Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Alt + Left Arrow Back
Alt + Right Arrow Forward
Ctrl +  T New Tab
Ctrl + Tab Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Page Up
Previous Tab
Delete Delete
Ctrl + – Decrease Text Size
Ctrl + + Increase Text Size
Ctrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Close Window
End Bottom of Page
Home Bottom of Page
Find Link As You Type
/ Find Text As You Type
F11 Full Screen
Ctrl + H History List
Ctrl + E
Ctrl + K
Web Search
Ctrl + D Add Bookmark
Ctrl + B
Ctrl +I
Bookmarks List

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