Fast Email Extractor Software

Email addresses of the potential customers can be very important for any business activity. Many sales and marketing executives rely heavily on getting email addresses for the promotion of their products. There can be more sales and more profits if you are able to get more email addresses for your business. Extracting and collecting large number of email addresses can be the real success of any business. It is not possible to search websites after websites to get the email addresses of the customers manually. This process can be painful and error prone as well and it can waste lots of your time. You can be able to save your money and time by using email extractor software. There are much extractor software available that can work you very faster.

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Bulk Email Software

Are you desperately looking for bulk email software that can help not only your e-mail stratagem, but also join your constituents to your source. In fact, these new gadgets emerge on daily basis. Now the question arises: with the availability of multiple options, what will you choose? This choice can be more rationally made upon your requirements of the types of emails that you would like to send. If your requirement is to send basic text communications, then it will be handy for you to use a simple approach. On the contrary, if you would like to send eNewsletters and other action alerts; you will definitely need software with added facets to give you the best results.

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Philips AJL308 Digital Photo Frame /Clock Radio


Why not start your day with a beloved photo, favorite song or video by your side? Phillips presents a multi-purpose clock radio / photo frame. It features built-in FM radio which has 20 presets and a dual-alarm function with gentle wake mode, which gradually increases the music volume, audio player (MP3 / WMA), USB, SD and MMC connectivity, and soothing nature sounds. The 7-inch display screen can also display a large time readout and calendar functions. In other words, it is a perfect item for your bedside table.

Transformer Furniture: Work and Play Combo

It often happens that the workplace has to be tucked somewhere into a corner of a bedroom, or into a living area. Gruber + Schlager offers a solution of this problem – a TV/office wall unit. It is intended especially for those who don’t want to maintain an extra room for a home office. It combines working and partying into one functional device. With a quick movement you can instantly transform your room into a working office.


CAM-007 Smallest Mini Spycam

The CAM-007 is the world’s smallest camcorder that can record both video and audio for easy playback on your computer or select 3G mobile phones. It is perfect for carrying in your pocket to capture events when you need it. This spycam fits perfectly into a pack of cigarettes or gum.