Verify Email Address

If you need to verify someone’s email address, try Verify Email Address Tool – a free email address verifier. Just enter in the email address and click “Verify”. The format, domain, and user are all checked by actually connecting to the mail server.

Verify Email Address (

Send Video And Music by Email

is the best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. SendSpace allows to send files up to 300MB.

 allows you to send files up to 100MB without creating an account. Upon uploading a file to YouSendIt, an email is sent to the recipient, where they are given a link to download the file. The download is available for 7 days and includes advertising on the page.

is a leading provider of online storage. MegaUpload allows to send files up to 500MB, offers ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools, and high-volume business accounts including pay-per-download. Read »

Feed Mailer: Email based feed aggregation

Feed Mailer
allows access to RSS feeds through email. This is especially useful for those users that have limited Internet access or are in environments that prohibit certain computer use such as government or education institutions. It also enables less savvy hat are more comfortable with an email interface users to benefit from RSS feeds.

Make GMail the Default Email Client in Firefox

If you using Firefox as default web browser and when you clicks some email hyperlink – IE opens up with GMail homepage.Probably you like to see the GMail compose window open up inside Firefox when you clicks any email hyperlink. Read »