The Best Free Computer System Recovery Tools

If you had lost some very important data, or if you see that your computer is simply dying, the following recovery tools will be indispensable for you. You’d better burn yourself several of these useful tools before the disastrous thing happens.

Disk Data Recovery
O&O DiskRecovery
– functionality begins where other programs leave off. This software combs every sector of a hard disk, memory card, or digital camera to find lost files. Even when files systems are formatted or destroyed, it is possible to reconstruct once deleted data. Over 350 file types can be recognized and restored, including Word documents, Excel workbooks, Access databases, and virtually every sort of commonly used graphics, photo, movie, and music formats. Read »

Web Developer Tools: Code Beautifier and Formatter

Well-readable and logically-structured code is necessary not merely for outlook. It speeds considerably bug hunting. If you are a developer and are working in the group, there arises another important aspect. The code should be clean and understandable by other developers you are working with.

Before using these tools and services make sure you have a backup of your data.

WordPress Themes – only new and fresh WordPress Themes available for free download.

WordPress Themes – a great compilation of appealing and functional WordPress themes under one roof.

quick highlighter

1. Quick Highlighter can format source codes written in over 85 languages – among them PHP, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Smarty, XML, CSS, Delphi, C++, and more. The tool formats source code and highlights inbuilt keywords, data types etc.

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10 Ways to Integrate YouTube on Your Site

YouTube gains great popularity with every day. If you’re a blogger and want to introduce some qualitative improvements to your blog, you can integrate YouTube.

Here are 10 ways how you can do it. It’s up to you to choose one that will be appropriate for you.


1. YouTube Embed Code: YouTube provides “Embed” code for just about every video on its site. It’s meant as an easy way to copy and paste the code to place a video onto your site / MySpace page, or whatever.

2. Copy and paste URL to the YouTube video page onto your site. Here you can find a more detailed explanation.

3. Create a Video Playlist:  login to your YouTube account, upload your videos to YouTube – click on My Account link at the top. Your email address will be confirmed before you are allowed to upload videos.

4. Include as a Sidebar Element: Blogger enables you to add YouTube videos as a sidebar element to your blog. Use the Blogger Dashboard to go to the Template tab, click Add a Page Element, and then select Video Bar.

5. Link your site to YouTube: In your account settings you can add your blogs and Web sites to YouTube. Then when you want to add a video to your blog of Web site you can do it with just a few clicks. See a detailed description at

6. Blog Video: find out how to use the easy Blog Video link in order to integrate YouTube onto your site.

7. Put YouTube on your MySpace page: a step-by-step guide for putting YouTube clips onto your MySpace page.

8. Badge Maker: use this tool will notify your readers of the most recent videos you’ve posted on your blog.

9. Exlusively for CS Blogs: This guide shows you how to integrate YouTube into your CS Blog.

10. WordPress Widget for your Favorite Videos: tutorial about how to install a widget that will allow your site’s visitors to see your favorite YouTube videos.

Best Tagging Tools and Plugins


Clusty Cloud Creator is a tool that webmasters or bloggers can use to instantly visualize a topic using the familiar tag cloud display. You can create a cloud based on any topic or query – you don’t need tags or months of content on a subject to create an interesting cloud. Clusty Clouds are generated using our search results for the topic you enter. Since the tags you see come from Clusty, you can click on any of them to go to Clusty’s search results.

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Clickbooth CPA Network

Clickbooth Advertising Network has helped widen my network of clients, made my marketing efforts easier, and has helped me get the word out about my services faster than I ever expected.  Their professional online solution reaches the entire CPA and affiliate community and I have been able to broaden my entire client base with just a simple click of the mouse.

Clickbooth is dedicated to keeping up with the newest technology and they constantly look for new ways to publish my advertisements for maximum effect.  With their database of over 20,000 active affiliates, I am able to not only increase my clientele, but get the information I need on the services that everyone wants. Clickbooth is the most comprehensive and user friendly site of its kind.

Their registration and verification process was simple and painless and within twenty-four hours I was up and running, promoting my services and getting the advertising and publishing help I needed.  My banners are getting to more people and my traffic has increased considerably.  Clickbooth is the best way to go.

If you are looking for a reliable CPA Network / Affiliate Network, then I encourage you to sign up for their Advertising program.