Verify Email Address

If you need to verify someone’s email address, try Verify Email Address Tool – a free email address verifier. Just enter in the email address and click “Verify”. The format, domain, and user are all checked by actually connecting to the mail server.

Verify Email Address (


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14 Responses to “Verify Email Address”

  1. Florine Dieckman Says:

    Hello to all 🙂 I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

  2. justine sapungan Says:

    pls help me… to verify my email adress… thanks

  3. crisamer Says:

    pls help me to verifymy email address so i can open my friendster account..thank u

  4. crisamer Says:

    my friendster and my yahoo mail..thank u very much

  5. happy roquero Says:

    pls help me verify my email address. thank you verymuch

  6. abigail Says:

    i want to verify my email address

  7. flown Says:

    it doesn’t work at all cases…i tested even wit my 5 valid email ids, but it showed only 2 valid, whereas others r invalid…

    in reality i used all these 5 email address for different purpose, even today.

    .’. good for nothing is this verifier.

  8. rhodamie wapanio Says:

    how to verify my email address?

  9. choi jallorina Says:

    I cannot open my personal account in many times i trying to open but its always said verify,verify,virefy…im so tired to verify.please help me to open my account my friendster account im hoping that you can help me.thanks choi

  10. grace Says:

    please verify my friendster i cann’t open it.

  11. ferj plaza Says: me verify my email address in friendster

  12. brian a dequina Says:

    plz help me to confrim my account becuase i cannot open.thankz

  13. yousef Says:

    plz help me to verify my yahoo.account

  14. liz Says:

    plz help me to verify my email add from thank you