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Online file storage services allow you to save, browse and share files, photos, and documents from any computer or mobile device. These services are great way to send large files that are too big to send via e-mail.

– uploads files, images, videos, audio and flash for free. Simply use the upload form below and start sharing! You can also use zShare as your personal file storage: backup your data and protect your files. File Size Limit: 100MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 10 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 10 days).

– allows user to upload as many files as you like in any format and there’s no LIMITATION storage in each member account. Uploading file can be up to 1GB. You can also navigate to add blog, photo, file and video. The only limitation is do not upload a large file if your connection speed is too slow or inactive as you will probably end up with a hanging screen after 10 hours processing. FileFront require registration.

  • eSnips – is a social media sharing site that provides 1GB of free storage to upload any type of file. Files can be organized into folders and for each folder you can determine a different privacy setting. Folders can be private, shared with a group or public.
  • MediaFire – allows free unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous downloads and no sign up required. You can also easily access your files from anywhere with a free account and your own “My Files” page.
  • – is a service that allows you to have 1GB of free online storage without ads. You can have 5GB for $5 a month or 15GB for $10 month. The only limitations of the free account are: 10MB file size limit and no phone support.
  • DepositFiles – allows free storage of your files on our servers for any period of time. The largest possible size of stored file is 2000MB. The total size of the stored files is unlimited.
  • Mediamax – gives you online storage so you can upload files, store files and share files including videos, photos, music and work-related documents. It get 25 GBs of FREE online storage. Once your file upload is complete, your online files are automatically backed up and accessible 24-hours per day from any Internet-connected PC. MediaMax provides the Internet’s best free web storage
  • XDrive – get 5GB of FREE space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, and any other digital file.
  • Supload – File Size Limit: 200MB Download Limit: 30 Downloads File Life: 7 Days.
  • QuickSharing – allows unlimited downloads. Free to use, there is absolutely no money involved, you can use this service for free. 500MB limit per file, upload and share as many as you want. We only delete if the file is not accessed within the past 30 days.
  • HushMail – offers a web-based free email and online file storage service with 2MB of shared file/email storage space and very powerful 2048-bit encryption for maximum security. HushMail implements a number of spam control features such as allow/block lists and a challenge/response system. Service features include external POP3 email retrieval, an address book, autoresponders, digital signature verification and end-to-end encryption of email, attachments and stored files. The premium ad-free service level adds IMAP support, plus up to 128MB of secure file/email storage.
  • Divshare – Upload unlimited files. Serve unlimited downloads. Files stay online forever.
  • MegaShares – allows to upload whatever you like without a required registration. The single session upload limit is 1.5GB (1,500 Megabytes!). Unlimited File Life: 25 Days.
  • Uploading – is a leading provider of services that allow secure uploading, transferring and file sharing. Maximum size of the uploading file is only150 Mb, because that the downloading of bigger files often gets interrupted. Considering this limitation split archives and separate downloading of every fragment is allowed. Thus, if you need to upload a file bigger than 150 Mb, you should just split it and upload all its fragments separately.
  • Upload2 – lets you easily backup your important files (up to 25 MB each) and store them on our servers for as long as you need. There is no limitation on files size, their number, names and extensions. You can access your files from any computer, share photos, pdf files, videos, music and other files that are too big for email.
    DataFileHost – Max. file size 10MB, unlimited uploads, download limit is 2.5GB/month for each file and for files smaller than 1MB there is no limit. File kept until no downloads for 30 days.
  • YahooBriefcase – is a free online storage system with 30MB of space, and Yahoo Mail integration. You can either keep your files private, or set up a specific list of people (using their Yahoo IDs) who are allowed to view the files. A premium version of this service is also available, with more storage space and the ability to share files publicly.
  • – sends files up to 1GB for free is a place for you to upload your files and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days non activity, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 1000MB each.
  • MyOtherDrive – provides Internet users the ability to store online and share videos, music, photos – any file. The site provides each user with 5GB of storage space that can be selectively shared. Unlike other online storage sites, MyOtherDrive allows you to upload files in bulk (not one by one like so many sites do). The uploaded files can be any size (up to 2GB). The site allows users to create groups and share their folders selectively to these groups (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) . You can define as many groups as necessary and your friends can be placed in more than one group.

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MegaUpload – is a leading provider of online storage. MegaUpload allows to send files up to 500MB, offers ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools, and high-volume business accounts including pay-per-download.


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    You forget to write about – 300 Mb. Without advertisement

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    Now, suppose you uploaded, how you are going to download it later? ha? they say unlimited download, but you cannot use download managers, parallel downloads, … f*** all of them esp rapidshare & megaupload

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    You also forgot to add Banckle File Sharing that supports online backup services in the cloud with support of all advanced files storage features. It is reasonably priced, subscriptions starts from only $5 per month with 5 GB storage space and supported file upload size is up to 1GB. File sharing is highly password-protected and SSL encryption is employed while you send or received files.

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