Tools for Creating Charts and Diagrams

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xml swf charts2

xml swf charts

XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive web charts and graphs from dynamic XML data. Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool’s flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.) XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality.

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Basic Broadcast Bulk Emails

If your foremost purpose of using bulk e-mails is to communicate with your complete list, like letters from the Executive Director, simple event pronouncement; you probably don’t require multifaceted characteristics. In fact any e-mail promotion can be befitted from some fundamental attributes to aid your professional image, workflow and also supply information about the reply of receiver.

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