The City Car by MIT Media Lab

Huge megalopolises confront daily with the problem of pollution and traffic congestion. Media Lab researchers proposed City Car design as a way to improve urban mobility. The concept of smart car aims to be pollution-free and easily customized. The City Car is a stackable electric two-passenger city vehicle. It utilizes integrated in-wheel electric motors and suspension systems called “Wheel Robots” that eliminate the need traditional drive train configurations like engine blocks, gear boxes, and differentials. The vehicle can maneuver in tight urban spaces and park by sideways translation.

city car

city car2


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3 Responses to “The City Car by MIT Media Lab”

  1. stuart weston Says:

    A real intresting concept and a vision of the future

  2. car service Says:

    It’s difficult to see rge woods from the trees when the vehicles are pilled together like that. I was wondering if it is a self-drive concept WHERE THEY ALL FOLLOW EACH OTHER IN TRAFFIC.

  3. TK Cambridge Says:

    I alway think these design are interesting. The only think is that noone ever designs these things witht the average car buyer in mind. Car owners like luxury,space,and power, and none of these smart cars have those things. Are we saying as a society that in order to be more green you can’t be comfortable?