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Podcast Creation Guides

iLounge Guide to Podcast Creation creating podcasts isn’t a simple matter, either isn’t it a too hard one. The following guide is a step-by-step instruction including all elements you need to create a simple podcast.

Podcasting Legal Guide will inform you about legal issues relevant to podcasting in this Creative Commons guide.

Podcast Offline Creation Software

Adobe Soundbooth software lets you take command of your audio in film, video, and Adobe Flash software projects. Use on-clip controls to make fast edits and intuitive, task-based tools to clean up recordings, polish voice-overs, customize music, modify sound effects, apply high-quality filters, and much more.

Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to record live audio, convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs, edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and WAV sound files, cut, copy, splice, and mix sounds together, change the speed or pitch of a recording.

Propaganda software is a powerful tool you can use to create audio shows that sound professionally produced with a minimum of effort. Whether you’re new to podcasting or an experienced broadcaster, Propaganda can simplify and streamline the podcast production process for you.

SnapKast is software solution for fast, easy MP3 audio and MPEG-4 video content creation and delivery. Sessions are shared online, delivered via RSS podcasts, and played back on any computer or podcatching device, e.g. iPod, Zune, PSP.

Podcast Online Creation Software


Odeo is the portal through which unveils new tools and utilities that improve the podcasting experience. It allows you to record audio within your browser, embed it anywhere and create your own audio channels.

Hipcast makes it easy to upload, record over the web, or phone-in audio and video. Create unlimited podcasts with Hipcast.com, complete with iTunes compatibility. Create a podcast for your hobby, trade, class, or family and friends. Then just copy and paste your Podcast RSS URL (we’ll give that to you) into iTunes, and you’re published.

Gcast offers many ways to add to your podcast channel: you can record messages by phone, upload MP3 files from your computer, add “podsafe” songs from GarageBand.com, mix all the above using online playlist manager.

Podomatic – This site lets you record video and audio online directly from your browser. You can also receive in line calls from listeners wanting to leave voice comments.

ClickCaster is one of the most robust and easy to use publishing platform on the web. It allows to create, broadcast and sell your own radio shows and podcasts. You can record audio right from your browser or upload an existing MP3.

Wild Voice Shout Recorder is an online service that allows you record audio files through an intuitive interface. But you cannot edit them or add special effects.

Podcast Hosting, Sharing and Networking


Blubrry – is a social podcasting community that connects podcast producers, advertisers and everyone looking for great independently produced content.

Collectik is a website that helps you manage, mix and share media (audio and video) on the net. It’s like mixtapes for podcasts. Collectik is also community of audio lovers, and it helps you find great content from other Collectik users and Friends with similar tastes.

Castpost is an online consumer video service operated by Broad Holdings. It currently includes Castpost Hosting, a popular video hosting services for user-generated content. Castpost Hosting is in Alpha, and people all over the world use Castpost to share their personal video and audio clips with friends and family.

Put Evoca to work for your website. Offer your customers, audiences and supporters easy ways to record and play content: comments, reviews, testimonials, and opinions online. Let them call your website from any phone – landline, mobile and Skype.

HeyCast is the ultimate tool to create video podcast powered by Hey!Watch. Quick, simple and intuitive.

With Hipcast you can easily post your audio, video and podcasts to your blogIt provides 3 ways to record audio – record online, by phone or upload files.

Libsyn provides a home to store your media, a simple but powerful blog engine, an RSS feed, and an interface to distribute your podcast to a limitless audience.

MyPodcast provides a free software designed to work with our website, which will help you record your podcast and allocate spots, where advertisement can be inserted. Recorder takes care of file uploading for you. No flashy ads, no spyware, just a clean interface.

Podbean is an ideal way to create professional podcasts in simple steps. Our professional-grade podcasting tools feature powerful audio/video uploading, publishing, managing and promoting. Easy to use . No technology to learn. Podbean provides full featured and automatic feed generation (RSS2, iTunes and ATOM), intuitive feed editing, iTunes configuration and preview, and more.

PodcastPeople is a simple web-based service that allows individuals to create audio and video episodes, write blog posts, and interact with their audience. There’s no software to download and nothing to install, we take care of everything for you on the web.

PodcastSpot is the best place to get conversational with podcasting! Create a podcast and share it with your friends, family, or even the world. Just send us your media file and we’ll do the rest.

Podomatic specializes in the creation of sophisticated tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to both audio and video podcasts. The premiere destination for veteran and novice podcast creators and consumers, PodOmatic is the largest and most widely used service for creating and hosting podcasts.

PCastBaby is apremier source for podcast hosting, management, syndication and publishing of audio and video podcasts. A realtime pcast conversion system will allow you to convert almost any Audio/Video type into a format that is compatable with iTunes, Window Media Player, PSP’s and other RSS and Poscasting services.

ThePodcastNetwork brings together talented and committed podcasters from around the world to produce high quality programming for a global audience.

SwitchPod is a podcast hosting service, offering you unmetered bandwidth, the fastest speeds, the most detailed statistics and the best promotional opportunities.

Video Podcasting


Blip.tv is a video podcasting” service. blip.It has got all the servers and bandwidth you could possibly need.

Veodia offers the first live TV broadcasting and publishing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Using MPEG-4 / h.264 technology, Veodia’s high-end video broadcasting service caters to both professional bloggers and business users in search of a simple way of creating and distributing TV-quality video while preserving full control and ownership of their content. That makes it a perfect tool for broadcasting through the Internet: independent TV shows, interviews, music or dance performances, auctions, training sessions, HR and executive announcements, product reviews, marketing events, lectures, conferences, speeches, panels, and many more.

Mobile Podcasting

Gabcast is a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content. Most people will use a touch-tone telephone to make their recordings but we also provide worldwide access to the service through VoIP. You can use it to embed a flash audio player into your personal or corporate website/blog, voice your political opinions, use it as part of a political campaign, record Greetings, conduct interviews, use it as an educational tool, use it to describe an item for sale on Ebay.

Podlinez is a free service that lets you listen to podcasts on your phone.

Yodio gives you power to record audio anywhere from your phone. You can combine voice with photos and create stories (yodicast), tours (yoditours), and shout-outs (yodicards). Then you can post them to the Marketplace to share them and sell.

Text to Podcasts

BlueGrind offers a personal news anchor reading the news to you every day. It doesn’t just stop at your computer, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Feed2Podcast is a free engine that instantly turns any RSS feed into a Podcast.
Talkr provides a service that allows you to listen to your favorite text-only news sources rather than read them. If you can point us to an RSS or Atom feed (a machine-readable version of your favorite blog or news source) we will convert that feed from text to speech.

Odiogo mobilizes your media, transforming textual content into audio formats downloadable directly to iPods/MP3 players and mobile phones. It provides high quality text-to-speech solutions, smooth integration with your website, end-to-end advertising system, it supports thousands of concurrent downloads.

Podcasts to Text

CastingWords – a podcast transcription service that converts podcasts to text for $0.75 minute. All transcribing is done by people, not machines. Transcriptions are delivered in plain text, HTML, and RTF formats. You get an RSS feed of all of your transcripts.

Podcast Directories


DigitalPodcast is a great, categorized podcast directory.

Grepr Podcasts is directory that offers recommendations by searching for patterns in your interests, the interests of others, and potential content matches.

iAmplify is an excellent directory where you pay to download self-help podcasts.

PodcastAlley is the podcast lovers portal. Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top 10 podcasts, as voted on by the listeners.

Podcast.net is a comprehensive podcast directory where you can find tens of thousands of podcasts.

PodcastDirectory.com is a directory of podcasts with a list of featured podcasts, and categorization.

PodcastDirectory.org is a simple podcast directory.

Podfeed.net is a podcast directory that helps you find podcasts, read and write podcast reviews, listen to podcasts and share your podcast with others.

Podcast Search


Podscope lets you search the spoken word for audio and video that interests you.

Pluggd a place where you can discover and share podcasts, search for specific parts of podcasts using advanced search technology called HearHere.

PodNova is a place to find podcasts, videoblogs and stay informed on your favourite blogs. With PodNova you can subscribe, listen, view, read and maintain your feeds online.

Live Podcasting


Talkshoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to live interactive discussions, conversations, podcasts
and audioblogs.

NowLive is a social broadcasting network that lets anyone create a live, interactive talk shows, take callers, share media, syndicate podcasts, and more. NowLive empowers you to connect any time with peers, fans, friends, a nd new and interesting people. Communicate and promote the things that matter to you most.

Waxxi is a presenter and producer of live and archived interactive podcasts.

Audio Tours

TourCaster offers audio tours of your favorite cities that you can download them to your iPod.
iAudioGuide offers mp3 audio guides for tourists who visit major cities in the world. All our iAudioguides are mp3 files, so you can use them on every mp3 device (iPod, memory stick). You do not have to register, just download our own free audiotours now.

Podcast Forums

Podcast Alley Forum – a well visited forum on everything related to podcasting.
DigitalPodcast Forum – a good forum for promoting your podcast.
World Podcast Forum – a new forum about podcasting.


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